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What factors need to be based on the selection of vacuum tables?

The vacuum table has many advantages in use, the following briefly introduces the characteristics of the vacuum table.

1. No pollution.

The vacuum table is particularly environmentally friendly and will not pollute the environment, and there is no light, heat, electromagnetic, etc. generated.

2. Simple and easy to understand and easy to operate.

No matter what material the sucked object is made of, it can be used as long as it can be sealed and does not leak air. Electromagnetic chuck can't work. It can only be used on steel. Plates or objects of other materials cannot be sucked.

3. No damage to the workpiece.

Because the vacuum table is made of rubber material, sucking or putting down the workpiece will not cause any damage to the workpiece. However, hook-type spreaders and steel cable-type spreaders cannot work. In some industries, the requirements for the surface of the workpiece are particularly strict, and they can only use vacuum tables.

Fourth, it is easy to wear.

Because it is generally made of rubber, it is in direct contact with objects and is severely worn, so it wears quickly. It is a pneumatic wearing part. That's why it is so prominently highlighted from the numerous pneumatic components.

Five, the selection of vacuum tables should take into account the following factors:

1. The quality of the object being transferred. Decide the size and number of suction cups.

2. The shape and surface condition of the object being transferred. Select the type of suction cup.

3. Working environment (temperature). Choose the material of the suction cup.

4. Connection method. Suction cups, joints, buffer connectors.

5. The height of the object being transferred.

6. Buffer distance.

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