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What are the applications of vacuum tables?

In the industrialization, the vacuum table has a very critical function. For example, there are more and more examples of using vacuum tables to crawl objects in packaging design, object transfer, and mechanical equipment installation. The vacuum table is used for the installation direction when two different parts are working. When the suction cup is installed horizontally, in addition to holding the load of the product workpiece, the inertia moment of the product workpiece should also be considered when the suction cup moves, which is harmful to the adsorption force. When the suction cup is installed vertically, the suction force of the suction cup is closely related to the sliding friction between the suction cup and the product workpiece.

The soft and malleable vacuum table can easily complete the transportation functions such as holding, loosening, and conveying the product workpiece, and can ensure that the goal of its efficacy is not destroyed. The holding force is maintained by the vacuum system. The vacuum can be produced by a vacuum system composed of motors, vacuum pumps and various vacuum components. It can also be compressed by air according to the secondary vacuum created by the vacuum generator. Come show it. The former one needs to be equipped with a separate vacuum system, while the latter one can use the existing compressed air system software in general processing. Therefore, especially in the whole process of various packaging work, using the secondary vacuum method seems very convenient and economical.

The basic principle of the vacuum table is: after the nozzle is closed by air compression, the high-speed cyclone sprayed from the nozzle entrains the surrounding stationary liquid and moves forward together with it, and then generates negative pressure in the receiving chamber, which induces secondary vacuum. Such a vacuum system, especially for working conditions that do not require a large flow of vacuum, highlights its advantages. The combination of vacuum generator and vacuum table is used to crawl objects, which can complete the transmission of arbitrary perspective according to the different appearance of the object. The following will dynamically change the bearing capacity of the vacuum table from two special positions, namely horizontal and vertical.

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