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The role of vacuum table in the printing process

Thevacuum table is the support platform of the UV printer. It has honeycomb-shaped holes. After the suction function is activated, the material can be better attached to the platform and can also protect the nozzle.

When light and soft materials (such as car stickers, advertising cloth, PVC, plastic film, leather and cardboard) are running, the UV printer nozzle driven by the guide rail will cause wind printing. These materials will be replaced, so the UV flatbed printer needs to install a suction table to absorb the printing material on the panel, keep it flat and fix it in a fixed position, which will help improve printing quality and work efficiency.

The role of thevacuum table in the printing process: The suction table is just a tool and fixture used with the flatbed printer. The purpose is to make the material to be printed (usually softer materials, such as paper, leather, glutinous rice paper, plastic film, etc.) ) It is more stable and smoothly covered on the printer platform. This is a device that simplifies the difficulty of operation and improves the printing effect.

What are the commonly used materials for makingvacuum tables:vacuum tables can be manufactured in nearby hardware stores or mold processing plants, and the structure is not complicated. It needs a suction pump and a platform box with holes, which can be made of plastic, metal, wood, etc.

Why flatbed printers are equipped with adsorption platforms: Not all flatbed printers need to be installed, it mainly depends on which product you produce. If you want to print paper, leather, plastic film and other lightweight and easily deformable materials, you need to use a vacuum table. Fix the product, improve the printing effect, and make the operation more convenient.

The main function of the vacuum table: make the UV flatbed printer stronger and more energy-efficient. However, when printing products such as ceramic metal and glass plates, there is no need to use a vacuum table.

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