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How to properly store vacuum table for a long time

       When the vacuum table is stored for a long time, in order to prevent the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder from rusting, the working device should be placed on the ground; the whole machine should be cleaned and stored in a dry indoor environment; if the conditions are limited, it can only be stored outdoors. The machine should be parked on a concrete floor with good drainage; fill up the fuel tank before storing, lubricate all parts, replace the hydraulic oil and engine oil, apply a thin layer of butter to the exposed surface of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder, and remove the negative terminal of the battery , Or remove the battery and store it separately.
vacuum table
        Add an appropriate proportion of antifreeze to the cooling water according to the lowest temperature, so that you can start the engine once a month and operate the machine to lubricate the parts of the spring hanger and charge the battery. Vacuum table walking oil pumps are generally two-way variable plunger pumps, and two-way variable motors that simultaneously drive the vibrating wheel and the left and right wheels.

         Turning the walking speed selection switch generally selects the rolling speed range of the roller, and each speed range can be operated by the walking lever to achieve stepless speed regulation. The walking lever is also the joystick of the forward and reverse reversing device. The vacuum table can change the driving direction smoothly and the operation is very simple.

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